The Journey Begins

Recently, I have come to a place in my life where I have put pedal to the metal, so to speak, as I dive into the calling God placed on my life almost 24 years ago. It has been something He has pressed into me over the years and I have lamented my apologies to Him every time I felt the pressing and made empty promises that I would start. Oh, I have started! But, I have not been consistent nor serious in the task He has given me. I am stuck with the realization that it may no longer look like what it could have had I been obedient in the beginning…but have to look forward to what it could still look like in the future as I face the yes He has longed to hear. At 18, I started to write. At 19 or 20, I felt the calling on my heart that this is what He planned for me to do. The LORD has continuously spoken to my heart through the years and given me many ideas- so many, that I have struggled with where to start! And so, I invite you into my world of writing- into the very depths of the words He places on my heart. My prayer is that you would be encouraged and inspired, that you would hear Truth spoken in Love, and that the very essence of Christ would saturate every word as His life is poured out through mine. Welcome to my start…

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