He Chose Us

When I glance at the bathroom floor and notice all the hair I lose every single day, it reminds me of a great Truth. Though the loss is great and constant, what never changes is the gain of devoted love from my Heavenly Father! Did you know that more than once He talks of how the hairs on our heads are all numbered AND HE TAKES NOTE! At any moment if you could ask God to reveal how many hairs were upon your head- He’d be able to correctly tell you- immediately! This kind of attention to detail only happens in a loving relationship- like the one He desires to have with each of us! Not even the closest living person, such as our spouse, could take note of that intricate detail! Today is THANKSGIVING…and today, above all, I choose to take note of and be thankful for a God Who in His amazing capacity to love, has chosen ME! And chosen YOU! If He can care about such a minute detail as the ever-changing numbers of the hair on top of my head, then He cares about EVERY aspect of my life and how it can bring me ultimate good and Him EVERLASTING GLORY🙌🏻 Thank you, LORD❤️

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