To Scroll or Not to Scroll

Scrolling through social media can cause one’s blood pressure to rise as eyes scan, minds take in, cheeks redden, and dare I say- blood boils. It seems this has become the norm and there is more of that happening then pictures of what people ate for dinner last night. While simple and once annoying to some, those moments are what I relish to see on my feed once more. Simple times. Simple moments. Simple posts. Simple here meaning the great American lifestyle… meals around the table, D-I-Y projects galore, children’s robust smiles as they do something their parents caught on camera, trekking across trails in the beauty of nature, meeting friends for fun, and all the stuff that once seemed so mundane- maybe even boring- which is now all we’d rather see than what is bombarding our every sense as we scroll.

The horror of what has replaced our traditional posts now begs the question of whether it is even worth being on social media any longer. Questions like this grapple in my mind and I have even struggled with the answer to this myself. The answer to this- is YES! As followers of Christ, our greatest reason for being is the passionate purpose He calls us all to which is to spread the Gospel into all nations! Matthew 24:14a ESV says “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations…”- but we are the ones called to do this very thing, one we cannot do when we close doors that have been opened to us.

Here we have lying before us this incredible opportunity that even ten years ago hardly existed! A platform! A place to stand on the foundation of Truth and proclaim the goodness and faithfulness of our great God! In the midst of all the hate, the bickering, the chaos, the drama, the heartache, the burning anger, the wretched state of affairs that our communities, nation, and world have become- we have the MIC! Every post, every word, every intention- can be laced with the love, grace, and mercy of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Before deciding what our reactions will be to others, we can take a step back, breathe deeply, pray, and know that in this moment we have the very opportunity to change lives through the power of the Holy Spirit working within us to minister to a hurting world by being kind, thoughtful, selfless, and caring in our posts.

Sometimes, no response is the best response. If when typing we feel our pulse quicken, it is generally a good idea to simply stop and do nothing. When we are able to face others with a peaceful spirit, we can be assured we have a chance to share Truth that might be heard rather than scoffed at. Maintaining that kind of calmness before the LORD takes staying close to Him. Staying close to Him means pressing in deeply through constant prayer, being in the Word which is the Bread of Life, spending time with those of the faith as iron sharpens iron, and soaking in His Presence. Soaking in His Presence requires validation of Who He is and a deep understanding of who we are in Him. And we are a chosen people!

We serve a living God- a Creator Who decided you and I were worth being made into His image. As Image-Bearers, we are gifted a great responsibility to stand in the gap for others through prayer, love, mercy, and grace that nurture hearts with the Word of God and share the Gospel not just with words, but in our very actions. This ability to reach thousands through social media affords us the option- to be an outcry of the injustices of life like what constantly see on our feed, or it can be a cry out to Christ for His strength to prevail as we tell of His wonderful deeds and share an everlasting HOPE through the JOY of knowing, following, and trusting a very present help in these times of trouble… for He alone is our Refuge (Psalm 46:1) and we get to tell others about this great gift. So keep scrolling, keep praying, and keep proclaiming the Gospel of Christ through the gift of your encouraging words to those who need to hear it!